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Direct representation from asian and european factories.
Worldwide locations for control quality.
Total monitoring of international logistic.



PLIMEX is a member of Plicosa Taiwan Group which is an company with 30 years of marketing experience and personalized contacts, recognized reputation and perfect knowledge of international market. Plicosa Taiwan Group as international presence Taipéi, Shanghái, Ning Bo, Xiamen, Shenzhen. What characterizes PLIMEX is its ability to detect and adapt to market needs by creating and developing personal services to each company to ensure the satisfaction of the different business needs of the domestic market in accordance with the trends and demands of the international market.


Financial services

Through of Plicosa Taiwan Group you can finance its international orders with the most appropriate conditions to the needs of your company to help you get the maximum return on your business.

Supervision and quality control

We ensure that the goods you buy abroad be effectively in quantity and quality as requested, specifically in Asia where we have several offices specialized in quality control and monitoring of shipments.


We protect your international purchases giving warranty of up to one year on goods purchased through Plicosa Taiwan Group. It means that in case that the goods have performance flaws impossible to perceive with the naked eye, Plicosa Taiwan Group will respond for the warranty of these units.

Direct representation from asian and european factories

Since the beginning of the company about 30 years ago, the Plicosa Taiwan Group has distinguished itself by forming strategic alliances with the most serious and innovative suppliers in Asia and Europe.

Marketing and bussiness consulting

To PLIMEX the most importantly is to satisfy the business needs of customers, through market research and analysis of the company we determined the best investment options.


The characteristics of our customers are regulated as follows:


Do It Yourself


Specialized Suppliers

Departamental Stores