To PLICOSA Group MEXICO the most importantly is to satisfy the business needs of customers, through market research and analysis of the company we determined the best investment options.
We locate the right product for your business needs relying on our reciprocal offices throughout the world. Subsequently we locate suppliers who have the right profile for each customer based on the seriousness, international image, production capacity and prices.
Since the group has a level of over USD 300 million annual sales, we take these volumes to give customers the most competitive prices.
We also have a department specialized in foreign trade and customs procedures, dedicated to advising on the whole process of import / export, this advice ranges from the procedures for obtaining NOM certificates to the determination of tariffs and tariff.

We also offer advice on:

  • Market research and MKT
  • Studies collection / product design
  • Licenses
  • Manufacturers
  • Containers and packaging

About Us

PLICOSA MEXICO is a member of Plicosa international group which is an company of French origin with 30 years of marketing experience and personalized contacts, recognized reputation and perfect knowledge of international market.

Contact Us

Our service offices are located at:

Blvd. M. Ávila Camacho No. 1643 Torre Lorencillos 2do. Piso 2 Veracruz, Ver. México

Tel. +52 (229) 955-0019, 932-9128

Tel/Fax. +52 (229) 932-1524


  • Direct factory representation
  • Supervision and quality control
  • Warranty
  • Funding
  • Marketing and comercial consulting

Group Companies

Plicosa group has international presence in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, Peru.