Through finance:

  • will provide your company the possibility to maintain a stable and efficient economy.
  • Give opportunity to your company to streamline and improve their business operations.
  • Access to a resource that generate higher profits which encourages the growth of your company.
Through of Plicosa you can finance its international orders with the most appropriate conditions to the needs of your company to help you get the maximum return on your business.

About Us

PLICOSA MEXICO is a member of Plicosa international group which is an company of French origin with 30 years of marketing experience and personalized contacts, recognized reputation and perfect knowledge of international market.

Contact Us

Our service offices are located at:

Blvd. M. Ávila Camacho No. 1643 Torre Lorencillos 2do. Piso 2 Veracruz, Ver. México

Tel. +52 (229) 955-0019, 932-9128

Tel/Fax. +52 (229) 932-1524


  • Direct factory representation
  • Supervision and quality control
  • Warranty
  • Funding
  • Marketing and comercial consulting

Group Companies

Plicosa group has international presence in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Chile, Colombia, Peru.